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Much like most people that launch a new business, we were complete rookies when it came to sourcing garments and the use of different materials. As long as it felt soft and looked cool, it was a winner… Right?

Then Linz started talking about Organic materials and products that are kinder to the environment in their production (thank the lord for her). This completely changed the conversation around which products we used and who we wanted to work with. 

After months of samples (and a few free hoodies), we found a manufacturer that absolutely nailed the mindset and really spoke our language. A company that prides themselves on sourcing as ethically as possible with no harmful dyes, colourants, or substances during the manufacturing process. Their garments also comply with the EU general product safety directive. With full traceability, we were given the peace of mind that none of our garments are derived from animals, 

Something I was very passionate about when agreeing to work with a clothing manufacturer was workers rights and factory standards. The labour principles in the amfori BSCI code of conduct were extremely important to us so selecting a partner with the same values was vital. They recognise workers’ rights, have high standards and reasonable working hours and conditions. 

When you purchase an Unconventionall Hoodie or Tee, you can be sure it’s been produced legally, through fair and honest practices, and without exploiting people or the planet. Living in the current economic climate, it was essential that we gave the utmost respect to all of the above factors when producing our products. 

Alongside our desire to create products that support both the planet but the people creating them, we do our best personally to live this message at home. As with everyone, we still have a long way to go. But change starts with the first step. Make that step with us today…


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