Going on holiday with an Autistic child

Children at a fairground

We all love a holiday (well most of us). Those stunning summer breaks where the weather is a little more predictable than the UK. Or a winter getaway on the slopes in the picturesque mountains of Northern France. Going on holiday with an autistic child however is something a little different…

For the last 9 years, sunny Caribbean islands have been replaced with caravans in Hastings or bournemouth. Before you feel sorry for us though, they were platinum caravans and one even had a hot tub… Winning! 

Seriously… Some of these caravans were better equipped than most houses and once I got used to not falling out of the 2ft bed every night, I was loving life. Why was I in a 2ft bed you man ask? Well we will come on to that in a second once we’ve covered off the first challenge of going on holiday with an autistic child.

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Homeschooling an Autistic child

Unconventionall Family

Homeschooling an Autistic Child

When you are homeschooling an autistic child, you immediately believe they will be ok as long as you create structure to the day… Unfortunately, this is rarely the case. 

Autistic children do like structure in general, however they are like everyone else in that it takes a long time to form a positive habit. So when you are forced to homeschool an autistic child because of Covid 19 breakouts, you are flipping their entire routine on its head overnight.

You may have already figured out that people with autism need a notice period for change. It could be the smallest thing that you and I would take for granted but in their heads… It’s a completely new world! 

We have found with Jake that zoom calls are a struggle. The chaos of everyone trying to have their say and him not being heard is too intense. He also doesn’t have his one to one support, which means if the call doesn’t go at his pace, he feels like he is being left behind. As you can imagine, this causes an extreme melt down.

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The Autism journey of an 8 year old…

The Unconventionall Family

The Autism Journey Of Our 8 Year Old…

As part of the Unconventionall Apparel project, we wanted to document our autism journey, what we go through and how we are evolving as parents. Autism is a word that many people fear. They fear it because it’s filled with unknowns that people are uncomfortable with. 

How will an autistic person behave? What will their reaction be to certain situations? Will an autistic person be able to handle everyday challenges?

We are very often so consumed by our own beliefs and views, that we struggle to put aside our opinions and take the time to embrace something new. A new way of thinking. A new way of working. A new way of living.

Autistic people are very much like you and I. They feel, they respond, and they react. Often, people with autism may process a piece of information differently to some, but should that make us fear them? Surely lots of people in our lives disagree with our views, or simply take our responses in the wrong way?

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