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The Unconventionall Mission

The Unconventionall mission is to inspire people to embrace neurodiversity. Creating an inclusive world that brings people together without judgement or ridicule. We want to help people understand the things they find challenging. The behaviours they don’t resonate with and the mindsets they simply can’t figure out. 

Millions of people suffer every day because of narrow minded views. Views driven by a history of ignorance. A culture of selfishness that dates back well beyond our time that has made its way through the generations. The questions ‘WHY and HOW’ are simply not asked enough. Why do people do the things they do? Why do people say the things they say? How do people struggle where we succeed? Why is something so easy to us, so difficult to others?

There is a reason behind every action. Until we start paying attention to those reasons, we will not evolve. The outcome of this continued behaviour is that people will continue to suffer. Our minds will remain closed to the possibilities that lie within our differences.1 in 7 people is Neurodiverse. Without even acknowledging it, you could very well be. It means you process information differently from others. In some cases, this comes out as behaviour we deem as unacceptable or unprofessional. 

Our definition of unacceptable needs to evolve. Our definition of unprofessional needs to evolve. How dare we hold on to outdated views that alienate these incredible people. Views that prevent them from flourishing in the same way we do.

The Unconventionall Mission is simple…. Inspire people to break free from the conventional

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